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These strong alloy cranks, created for the BMX market, have no spider but instead have a threaded shoulder on the right hand side crank. That threaded crank shoulder is for mounting a front freewheel such as those sold by ACS, ENO, White Industries and Dicta. The cranks are 170mm in length and fit a square taper bottom bracket. Dustcaps are provided, while freewheel and crank bolts are buyer responsibility. For custom ACS flanged freewheels and related products, see other BikeMotive eBay listings.

On BMX bikes, the cranks allow freewheeling without changing out a very strong rear axle.

The cranks make for a quick conversion of a fixie to a single (or double) speed.

On electric bicycles and scooters, these cranks let the rider freewheel when the motor is powering the bike.

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