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This 110 BCD (bolt circle diameter) custom spider mates with ACS, ENO, Dicta, and White Industries crankset freewheels to give you more BMX, eBike or Scooter gearing options. The first photo shows the spider as sold, which is on its own. The others depict the spider alongside or mated to the freewheel and with chainrings. As with a standard double, this spider will handle 2 chainrings; a granny gear is accommodated with the addition of a BikeMotive granny-spacer or as a solid steel or alloy disc-type chainring screwed to the freewheel flange. Other custom spiders offered by BikeMotive are in sizes 5-arm x 144 BCD, 5-arm x 130 BCD and 4-arm x 104 BCD.

Specs: Material is heavy-duty 6061-T6 Aluminum at a thickness of 4.8mm, with a surface having been treated with first ceramics and then stainless steel ball bearings to set a gun-metal-grey hard natural finish. The spider sports one set of conventional freewheel-mounting holes and one set that are countersunk especially for crankarm clearance. Chainring fingers are milled to 4mm to fit almost any installation. The milling on the 110 Spider is on the reverse side as the countersinks, to minimize potential interference between the motor chainring's bolt nuts, and those of the chainring mounted on the left side of the freewheel flange, all in the case that the 110 Spider is mounted on the outer side of the freewheel. Weight is less than 80 grams.
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